TecPier invests in supply chain IoT startup MonoLets

TecPier has joined the seed round of MonoLets, Inc. alongside prominent investors including Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures. MonoLets is building the “full stack data pipeline for supply chains”. It is a vertically integrated IoT system solution for automated asset tracking in logistics and across supply chains.

MonoLets provides data services through its system of active digital labels that self-organize into a mesh network using standards-based Bluetooth radio technology. Practical and inexpensive, its labels are so small they can be used at item level. Its mesh network provides exceptional reliability in challenging real-world conditions where items are densely packed, separated by liquids or metals deterring most radio signals. Utilizing full Bluetooth radios, MonoLets labels provide data in real time that can be pushed to the cloud using existing wireless LAN access points.

“We are pleased to have TecPier on board as an investor and look forward to working with them given their strong industry background and network,” said Osama Khan, Founder and CEO of MonoLets.

“Existing IoT solutions in logistics and across supply chains suffer from high implementation costs, lack of standards and poor reliability. MonoLets is a potential game changer by creating an item-level data network with unrivalled scalability. They enable real-time, hassle-free, very low-cost and high-density supply chain data for various use cases in logistics, manufacturing and retail,” comments Tim Reinsch, Managing Partner at TecPier.

MonoLets was founded by Osama Khan as a spin-off from UC Berkeley and is based in Mountain View, California. With its proprietary technology it has the potential to eliminate blind spots throughout supply chains thereby unlocking efficiencies and revenue for logistics service providers, manufacturers and retailers. More information can be found at: https://www.monolets.com/