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We are a specialized venture capital firm focusing on early-stage B2B technology startups in the maritime, logistics and supply chain space.

Our Portfolio

Building the future of maritime, logistics and global supply chains.

Digital marketplace for marine lubricants

Closelink offers a frictionless procurement process with data-based insights for improved cost control and access to a global network of buyers and suppliers.

Smart collaboration for maritime stakeholders

NautilusLog unites maritime stakeholders with its data-driven collaboration platform for significant cost savings and new revenue streams.

Digital delivery for 3PLs, carriers and shippers

ClockWork digitizes the delivery moment by providing shippers, 3PL’s and truck carriers with a real-time control system including full TMS integration.

Real-time item level
supply chain data

The “full stack data pipeline for supply chains”. A vertically integrated IoT system solution for automated asset tracking across supply chains.

Positive communication
for behavior change

Personalized app and communication service empowering decision makers to make measurable fuel and CO2 savings.

Data intelligence for
bulk shipping

Advanced data analytics platform that provides near-term predictions for supply and demand of bulk vessels & commodity flows in real-time.

Reshaping port cost management

The innovative e-disbursements account analysis software that automatically calculates and evaluates port expenses against real-time port tariffs.

Automating container
import processes

Global end-to-end container import automation and standardization for ocean carriers and their customers.

Maritime emissions
transparent & compliant

Data-driven tools to track ESG performance and to assist the shipping industry in navigating regulatory complexity.

Meet the People Behind TecPier

A dedicated team to help you thrive.

Tim Reinsch

Managing Partner

Experienced investor with track record in VC, start-ups, alternative investments, fund management, and consulting.

Lukas Weking

Investment Analyst

Logistics start-up operator with deep understanding of digital business models, platform-based ecosystems and accelerating start-ups.

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