SensorTransport rebrands to ClockWork Logistics Systems and wins the SCLA 2020 Innovation Award

Photo credit: Tim Rue/Bloomberg News

Our US portfolio company SensorTransport has rebranded itself as ClockWork Logistics Systems. While the “Sensor” in SensorTransport remains a cool feature, the core focus is on building an amazing cloud+mobility platform that any shipper can use to extend their existing enterprise system into the hands of local carriers and drivers.

Digitization of the supply chain is a once in a lifetime opportunity to surface the hidden potential of independent truckers working in local markets. A global connected community of qualified and experienced operators is a strategic differentiator for any logistics provider or global shipper. ClockWork’s platform enables this transformation with cloud, mobility, and process automation, which effectively extends existing enterprise systems into the hands of the people doing the work.

Global supply chains move products because smart people working in local markets do the hard work of first mile pickup and last mile delivery. ClockWork enables a digitized delivery network providing real-time proof of delivery, improved security and immediate resolution of issues that arise during the delivery moment.

But maybe most importantly, the smart people who do the delivery are no longer anonymous. Thanks to ClockWork the drivers are connected to the enterprise and rewarded for their good work. For any enterprise taking supply chain management seriously it is time to get to know the people that are actually moving your stuff. ClockWork helps make this happen.

As a testament to the team’s progress, ClockWork won the SCLA 2020 Innovation Award from the Supply Chain Leaders In Action (SCLA) Business Forum. The SCLA Business Forum is a collection of between 60 to 70 leading major corporations’ senior management that seek strategic ideas and thought leadership that will improve supply chain and logistical operations.

ClockWork Logistics Systems was founded in 2017 by a team of experienced supply chain professionals who recognize that the opportunity for the future of logistics is not “AI” but instead “IA” or “Intelligent Automation” which is technology that helps people work smarter.

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