TecPier invests in NautilusLog

From left to right: Otto Klemke, Ingo Klemke und Sven Hamer, founders of NautilusLog

Hamburg, 4 June 2019. TecPier GmbH & Co. KG invested in NautilusLog GmbH with a mid-six-digit sum. NautilusLog is a company that has developed an innovative app for tracking, reporting and collaboration between “ship & shore”. The app is designed mainly for simplicity in processes, reduction in cost and control of risks.

The generated funds from investors will be channeled towards acquisition of new technologies, products and for staffing.

The app developed by NautilusLog is a digital logbook app for smartphones which is geared towards the needs of the maritime industry. The app supports both the crew on board as well as its onshore management by means of vessel-tracking and generation of tasks and events. A typical example is the reminder functionality which notifies the crew members to change fuel before getting to an Emission Control Area while also recording all relevant data and actions in the digital logbook. Furthermore, the app supports external maritime stakeholders in service provisioning such as conducting inventories, inspecting machinery or safety equipment amongst others. Additionally, required documentation such as hazardous material directories, emission and status reports can be readily generated via the app.

NautilusLog, in a very short space of time has already received multiple awards for its innovative idea, including the Hamburg Innovation Award, PitchBlue Award, Digital Logistics Award and was nominated as one of the finalists in Hamburg future awards.

Previous financing was covered by the founders and subsidiaries. The involvement of TecPier, as first external investor, will help to accelerate the growth of the company. TecPier is known to invest globally in startups with focus on innovation and digitalization in the maritime industry.

Otto Klemke who is the founder of NautilusLog had this to say about getting TecPier on board as an investor; “We are very excited that we have attained TecPier as an investor and we are convinced that TecPier will bring us the highest possible value needed for our next steps. The fast and professional investment process confirms our shrewdness”

The founding partner of TecPier also had the following to say; “In our opinion, NautilusLog covers a topic of high relevance. In future, we will face a significant increase in standardization and automation of processes between vessels and their stakeholders. The technology of NautilusLog simplifies those processes while making them smarter and compliant at the same time. Due to the diversity of the app, we see enormous scaling potential for multiple use cases, such as emission or inventory reports, remote surveys and tracking solutions”


Second start-up investment by TecPier

TecPier came into NautlilusLog as a single investor. Recently, TecPier and other investors acquired stakes in Closelink, a start-up company that has developed an independent lubricants trading platform that can improve operational ship management efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs.



TecPier is a maritime Venture Builder, Early Stage Investor and Corporate Innovator. TecPier primarily invests in startups during pre-seed and seed phases and supports them in their development during these early stages. This allows founders to focus on their products, product developments and market positioning. TecPier focuses on business models, which have the potential to change the shipping industry sustainably.

For more information: https://www.tecpier.com


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